Round Five Results

In Gitcoin Grants Round Five, 268 donations were made in PAN, raising an extra $26,740 for Ethereum public goods.

The top projects got $1k - $5k more in funding because some of their donations were made in PAN instead of in DAI!

How it works.

Four communities have earned a 1.5m PAN matching pool from Panvala that is available for Gitcoin Grants Round Six. For every PAN donation made to a Gitcoin Grant that is eligible for double matching, both Gitcoin and Panvala will match it. At the conclusion of the grants round, the 1.5m PAN will be distributed using the same CLR formula that Gitcoin uses.

Get PAN tokens

Get PAN tokens for your donation from Uniswap.

Select PAN to donate

When you’re making your donation, select “PAN” from the token selector, and donate as many PAN as you want.

Tag your community

In the comment field for your donation, enter the hashtag for the community you want to match your donation.

That's it!

Your PAN donation will be matched by Gitcoin and Panvala, raising more funds for the projects you donate to.

Community-supported projects

You can earn matching for any project by donating in PAN. The communities below use their staking clusters to match the listed projects at even higher rates.

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